Wander No More

Peace is not so easy

Kouichirou Nabatame is a samurai who has deserted his kingdom in search of a peaceful life. In doing so, he has been branded a traitor.

While fleeing for his life, Kouichirou passes through Hotsu Village, inadvertently spelling its demise. The Kodokushi, an elite band of samurai he used to lead, slaughter the village's residents, then set it ablaze and continue their search.

Powerless to stop them, Kouichirou emerges after his former subordinates have moved on, desperate to undo the damage he has caused. He searched fervently for any remaining villagers, only to find a single survivor.

Thus begins the story of Kouichirou, a samurai who wants to make up for his wicked past, and Chiyo, a girl who has been orphaned and maimed because of his actions.

The game has 1 endings and 15,375 words.

Historical Samurai NaNoRenO Kinetic

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