How to write dialogue and narration

By default, every text written is a narration and is displayed in game as a subtitle.
To display a text in the middle of the screen, you can add "centered::" before the text.
To make a character talk, simply add before the text the character short name followed by "::"

#This is a centered text
centered:: The Little Prince
centered:: by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
#This is a narration
I was more isolated than a shipwrecked sailor on a raft in the middle of the ocean. Thus you can imagine my amazement, at sunrise, when I was awakened by an odd little voice.
# This is a dialogue
little-prince:: If you please--draw me a sheep!
aviator:: What!
little-prince:: Draw me a sheep!

If your story contains a lot of dialogue, you should rather chose more concise short name for your characters:

lp:: If you please--draw me a sheep!
a:: What!
lp:: Draw me a sheep!

If the character sprite is not already shown on screen, the text will be displayed as a subtitle preceded by the full character name. If it is, it will be displayed inside a speech bubble.

# The Little Prince is offscreen, the dialogue is displayed as a subtitle
lp:: Draw me a sheep!
# This is a narration
I jumped to my feet, completely thunderstruck. I blinked my eyes hard. I looked carefully all around me. And I saw a most extraordinary small person, who stood there examining me with great seriousness.
# The Little Prince appears
> show lp
# Now the Little Prince is onscreen, the dialogue is displayed in a speech bubble linked to the character sprite
lp:: If you please--draw me a sheep...

As you can see, a line starting by # is a comment. It is not interpreted by the engine.

Styling text

Text can be styled by using the following bbcode:

  • bold: [b]bold[/b]
  • italic: [i]italic[/i]
  • underline: [u]underline[/u]
  • strikeout: [s]strikeout[/s]
  • link: [url=link]text[/url]
  • size: [size=float]text[/size]
  • color: [color=hex]text[/color]
[b]This text is in bold[/b].
[i]This text is in italic[/i].
[size=1.5]This text is 150% bigger[/size].
It can even be mixed in [i]italic and [b]bold[/b][/i].
[color=#ff0000]This text is in red[/color].
This is a link to [url=]Nine Square Zone website[/url]

You can find more hexadecimal color codes here.

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