How to use the asset manager

Assets are elements that can be used in the story editor: a character, a background image to display, a music to play...

They can be added thanks to the "Asset manager" tab of the admin panel navigation bar.

There are several types of assets:

  • chapters: each story should contain at least one chapter and can be divided in as many chapter as wanted. Some author prefer to write long chapters while others prefer to change chapter at every change of location.
  • locations:  the locations are the places where the story take place. Each location is associated with a different background image.
  • characters:  the characters that are involved in the story. Each character has a set of sprite, each one being usually linked to one emotion (happy, sad, angry...)
  • sounds and musics: in order to be compatible with every browser, every sounds and music must be available in two formats: MP3 and OGG.
  • story keypoints: a story keypoint is a variable used to save a data that can have impact later in the story. It can be used to remember a player choice.
  • CGs: CGs -or Computer Graphics- are fullscreen images that illustrate important moments of the game.

Most assets have a short name that is used to call it in the editor. A short name is composed of letters (a-z), numbers (0-9), hyphen (-) and underscore (_) only. Special characters and space are not allowed. Example:

> location dark-forest
> show eileen

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