Romance is Dead

...though in a different way than you thought it would be

Madelaine "Maddie" Washington is an ordinary biology student living in New Orleans. Her life revolves mostly around studying, and she recently broke up with her boyfriend - however, that was only the most recent disappointment in a long line of unsatisfying relationships Maddie has had throughout her lifetime. She has never been able to find her idea of romance fulfilled, and she's starting to think that romance - the good, old, classic type of romance - may be dead.

However, one strange October, she finds out that romance really IS dead - though in a different way than she thought it would be...

The game has 8 endings and 42,646 words.

Burtonesque GxB

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LOVE IT!!! The plot is very mysterious and it attract me very much, I couldn't stop reading. The music is also very good and relaxing, it goes very well with the story, especially the artwork of the characters or backgrounds. I also love how great of detail the words is, it is very precise and make me very imaginative. Overall, I recommend those to read if you like a good plot, artwork, and music.