Romance Detective

Solve mysteries… in the name of love!

Swaggering forward with a rose clenched firmly in her teeth and her fedora tipped low over her sunglasses, Romance Detective is here to solve the case. No murders or deaths in the sweet town of Lovebloom, however. Instead, Romance Detective (and her confused partner Romance Cop) tackles the case of the missing vase, which on the side is stamped proudly with a giant heart. Romance Detective might not be certified, she might not have anything to go off of, but she knows that this was definitely a crime of passion.

The game has 1 endings and 7,388 words.

Comedy GxG NaNoRenO

Comments (3)

Its so good!!... But, when it is going to be continued? It can't end like this. I want to see more! That ''to be continued'' hurted me so much.
Wonderful visual novel. But I can't sleep without knowing the CONTINUATION. Please, please... the continuation please.. :' ( PLEASEE!!!!
Not badly written, but... The current version of this novel is irreparably broken. Sprites don't show up, music overlaps, entire scenes get repeat, get skipped, and play entirely out of order - It's a MESS.

Wish I could actually experience the story, because I was enjoying what little I could get out of it!