My Magical Divorce Bureau

Three random couples and one really weird law system.

In this magical, wonderful, and ridiculous world, all marriages are considered valid, including ones where one party was forced into it. For some reason. 

Because of this quirk in the law, kidnapping important people and making them marry you is a common occurrence. So much so that a special bureau was created specifically to help couples formed under such circumstances get through the paperwork needed to officially divorce. You work there!

And you just can't seem to get your nose out of everyone's business. You've seen enough villains and victims come through this office to know that there is often more to the story than what's on the surface. You believe in your heart of hearts that some of these odd couples could definitely end on better terms if they simply communicated better. That is your daily quest, and today is no different. You've got three pairs scheduled to come in, and you intend to help them work through more than just an obnoxiously large amount of paperwork.

The game has 9 endings and 18,346 words.

Comedy Match Matching NaNoRenO

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