Lucky Me, Lucky You

Can dreams ever hope to live up to reality?

Okada Nanami is in a serious slump. Her super cute girlfriend just broke up with her, without any explanation, and she’s at her wit’s end trying to figure out why. In an attempt to cheer her up, her best friend Ryo invites Nanami over to his apartment to eat ice cream and watch dodgy porn. What begins as a perfectly ordinary night, however, soon takes an unexpected turn, when Nanami discovers one of the actresses is none other than Morishita Misae – a has-been pinup model, and Nanami’s first crush.

Impulsive as always, Nanami decides to go on a journey with an (unwilling) Ryo to find Misae, and confess to her her feelings – but can her dreams ever hope to live up to reality? 

The game has 1 endings and 30,084 words.

Kinetic GxG NaNoRenO

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