Fetish: Wanted

A Fetish's spin-off game

Set in a high school alternate universe, Hexia received a letter from Vier's high school principal, requesting her to interview some students for a reason unstated. Bored as she always is, she accepted the request without hesitation and her poor butler, Cain, got dragged along.

Fetish: Wanted can be played without having seen the previous games.

The game has 5 endings and 10,939 words.

Comedy Mystery Slight Romance GxB

Comments (1)

The story was really good I liked the mystery in the story & the graphics like the characters outfits hair & personalities was nice & how do u say it well put and I love learning about the characters and Finley was a pervert head up but he seem like a nice guy so shout out to the creator's of this story well done I liked it TwT