Dejection: An Ode

An historical one-sided romance set in late 1790s England

I could never dislike you. Not even if you were to strike me, or spit on me. I would love you all the same.

Dejection deals with two young, female poets, Samantha and Lillian, as they struggle with their not-so-successful careers, writer’s block, depression, and their own friendship, which is slowly starting to fall apart.

Both characters are based on real English poets who were alive in the 1790s, and the VN is reasonably accurate in following the lives of these two poets - though neither of them were cute girls in reality. If you want to know who they’re based on, you’ll have to read it for yourself (although maybe you can already guess…)

The game has 1 endings and 19,630 words.

Kinetic One-sided GxG Historical

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