November 15th, 2022
Posted by Feather_of_a_Jay
I loved this game. It's nice, and it somehow retains a lightheartedness even when dealing with the topics it deals with. I just couldn't help but play it over and over again to see all the possibilities that unfolded, all the things my choices influenced.
Sometimes, however, I would've loved to be able to see what my choices would do more clearly. I once chose a negative answer when I wanted to choose a positive one because I couldn't figure out what the difference between 'Hmm...' and 'Well...' would be. After that point, I started working with saves that allowed me to jump to certain points in the story so I could experience the vast - and amazing - amount of paths that I wanted to see, without having to play the beginning over and over again, and so I could see what my choices would do.
These are the limits of this kind of game, I know that, and I am very glad to have been able to play this game. A sad, but very beautiful story, especially with the true ending, that I will surely not forget.
Thanks for creating it.

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