Colors ~ Aoi's Utopia ~

Living in an ideal world?

Welcome to Aoi's space, world, utopia in which he called "Colors" despite being a colorless or plain white place. But since he created this world, he can name and modify it to whatever comes in his mind.

He believes he is alone in his own world and no one can enter it other than Aoi himself, but one day there appeared an energetic boy covered in bandages much to Aoi's astonishment. But there's more to it. The boy knows Aoi, but Aoi doesn't know him. However, the boy just introduced himself as Aoi's "friend". 

Yet, Aoi claims he has no friends. AT ALL.

His "peaceful" life suddenly disturbed by an unknown boy.

Who is this boy? How does he know and relate to Aoi? More importantly, how did he enter Aoi's utopia?

The game has 3 endings and 15,016 words.

Mystery Drama Friendship NaNoRenO

Comments (1)

I loved this game. It's nice, and it somehow retains a lightheartedness even when dealing with the topics it deals with. I just couldn't help but play it over and over again to see all the possibilities that unfolded, all the things my choices influenced.
Sometimes, however, I would've loved to be able to see what my choices would do more clearly. I once chose a negative answer when I wanted to choose a positive one because I couldn't figure out what the difference between 'Hmm...' and 'Well...' would be. After that point, I started working with saves that allowed me to jump to certain points in the story so I could experience the vast - and amazing - amount of paths that I wanted to see, without having to play the beginning over and over again, and so I could see what my choices would do.
These are the limits of this kind of game, I know that, and I am very glad to have been able to play this game. A sad, but very beautiful story, especially with the true ending, that I will surely not forget.
Thanks for creating it.